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Thrive Global Partners works alongside organizations that focus on three key aspects of human flourishing in the developing world.

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Why Thrive Global Partners?

Thrive Global Partners exists to connect those in the United States who are interested in learning about and giving their financial resources to organizations in the developing world that focus on building mentally, physically and spiritually flourishing communities.

Two types of partners:

Indigenous to the developing world, these workers spend their lives bringing hope and a future to their surrounding communities. These partners are in need of encouragement, prayer and financial resources to carry on in their work.

Individuals based in the United States with a desire to participate in our local partners’ global work through their monetary donations and prayers.

Thrive Global is the bridge between these two partners, providing rewarding opportunities, where resources will be utilized wisely, invested carefully and will change people’s lives.

Meet Our Partners

One of the organizations we work with is based in and focuses on the communities in Central India. With a regional population of over 100 million people, some of the poorest Indian states comprise this region and are in need of holistic healing and support. For the last 40 years, our partner organization has grown in this region by walking alongside and developing those who live in their midst. Starting from humble beginnings, they now touch thousands of lives each year through their different programs.

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Revati Maravi lives in a small town of Ghutas with her family. Coming from low income family she had the desire to support her them but lacked any skill to be employed and the confidence to do something. She joined Anugraha tailoring project and completed her training successfully. After that she started stitching clothes and started a small boutique along with a general store. She is supporting her family. The one thing that makes her the most happy is paying for her Children’s school fees.

Revati Maravi


Anita Meena lives in a village Charnaal. Her husband has a tea stall due to which there was very little earning and hence the financial condition of the family was not good. That wasb also the reason of discord in the family every day. As Anita could not support the family financially being illiterate could not get a job. In 2020, a branch of Anugrah Sewing Center opened in our village Charnal where she filled the application for tailoring and studied a six-month course diligently and after learning, she opened a boutique and started sewing in the village. At present she makes good money. Supports family financially and living happy and peaceful family life. And thankful to Anugraha project to make her feel worthy.

Anita Meena


My name is Solomon Moni, hailing from Orissa, India. I have immensely benefited from the leadership training program conducted by Good News Service Society. Upon completing the training, my perspective on the church and its services underwent a significant transformation. I am now wholeheartedly committed to the Great Commission. Recognizing the importance of cultivating leaders for diverse facets of church services and fortifying existing congregations, I am actively disseminating this knowledge to my subordinates and team members. They, in turn, are undergoing additional training, and collectively, we have become part of a multilevel training program aimed at nurturing the development of hundreds of leaders in our region. This collaborative effort is contributing to the growth and enhancement of leadership skills within our community, fostering a stronger foundation for the churches we serve.

Solomon Moni


Mahima joined our children’s home at the age of 5, following the passing of her mother and the earlier departure of her father. The absence of parental support made it challenging for them to progress. Over the course of the next 12 years, Mahima became an integral part of our home, where she received love and care from the dedicated house parents at Sharakuran home. Growing up in such a nurturing environment, she successfully completed her school studies. Recently, she embarked on a promising journey by enrolling in the second year of an undergraduate nursing program at a prestigious school in India. Mahima is now on the path to a self-reliant and bright future, thanks to her determination and the support she received during her formative years


How to Give

Pay with Stripe directly from our website. Click the ‘Donate’ button to pay.

If your bank supports Zelle, you can donate money with our email address: thriveglobalpartners@gmail.com.

Donate by check to Thrive Global Partners, mailed to PO Box 821450, North Richland Hills, TX 76182.

Donating securities: If you wish to donate stocks or other securities to Thrive Global Partners, please reach out to us at thriveglobalpartners@gmail.com for more instructions.

$ 50

Support 5 children in the development program for a month

$ 300

Support 1 individual for 1 year of leadership training

$ 1000

Support 10 woman through a 6 month sewing center course

We appreciate any donation amount and are thankful to be considered as stewards of your gift.

Questions? Contact us at thriveglobalpartners@gmail.com or 682-325-8022.

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