Why Thrive Global Partners?

Thrive Global Partners exists to connect those in the United States who are interested in learning about and giving their financial resources to organizations in the developing world that focus on building mentally, physically and spiritually flourishing communities.  

Two types of partners: 

Local Partners: Indigenous to the developing world, these workers spend their lives bringing hope and a future to their surrounding communities. These partners are in need of encouragement, prayer and financial resources to carry on in their work.

Support Partners: Individuals based in the United States with a desire to participate in our local partners’ global work through their monetary donations and prayers.  

Thrive Global is the bridge between these two partners, providing rewarding opportunities, where resources will be utilized wisely, invested carefully and will change people’s lives.  

One of the organizations we work with is based in and focuses on the communities in Central India. With a regional population of over 100 million people, some of the poorest Indian states comprise this region and are in need of holistic healing and support. For the last 40 years, our partner organization has grown in this region by walking alongside and developing those who live in their midst. Starting from humble beginnings, they now touch thousands of lives each year through their different programs.

What We Do

Thrive Global Partners works alongside organizations that focus on three key aspects of human flourishing in the developing world.

Click on each to learn more.

  • Leadership Training

  • Women's Vocational Advancement

  • Child Development Programs

How to Give

To give a tax deductible gift contact us at thriveglobalpartners@gmail.com or 972-638-0305.


Support 5 children in the development program for a month


Support 10 woman through a 6 month sewing center course


Support 1 individual for 1 year of leadership training

We appreciate any donation amount and are thankful to be considered as stewards of your gift.